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Unraveling the Linguistic Odyssey: An Investigation into the Intricate Nature of Language Development and Social Communication Skills in Autism Spectrum Disorders within the Context of Developmental Linguistics
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Author : Sinan ÖZYURT    
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Printing Year : 2022
Number : 2022/2
Page : 58-96

The difficulties encountered in the domains of language and communication development serve as a fundamental diagnostic criterion for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and these difficulties are considered a crucial factor in assessing the severity of autism in children with ASD. It is widely acknowledged that the development of language in children with ASD is characterized by a multifaceted nature. Some children with ASD may never attain verbal language skills, while others may display verbal communication patterns closely resembling those of their typically developing peers. In this sense, this comprehensive review study delves into the developmental attributes of language and communication skills in children with ASD. It becomes apparent that children with ASD manifest syndrome-specific developmental traits or deficits that are associated with non-verbal social communication skills in the preverbal phase, as well as linguistic components during the verbal language phase. Hence, this review study will address the developmental trajectories of non-verbal social communication skills during the pre-linguistic phase in children with ASD. In addition, it will scrutinize the developmental characteristics of language components such as morpho-syntax, semantics, and pragmatics in children with ASD during the verbal language phase. It is believed that this study, culled from the existing literature, will serve as a guiding light to educators and researchers engaged in the field of language and communication development in children with ASD.

Autism spectrum disorder, Language development, Cognitive development, Nonverbal communication behaviors



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