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1. In order to submit an article, you must first register as an author and create a username and password. Once you have created an account, you will be able to submit a paper, and track its progress. You can edit your account at any time by logging in and selecting "Edit Profile".


2. Paper length (including title, abstract, keywords, article body, reference list)


     a. Research & review articles should be between 3.000-10.000 words long.

     b. Letters and notes should be between 1.000-3.000 words long.

     c. Book reviews should be between 1.000-3.000 words long.


3. Each article should include an abstract of no more than 250 words and up to 5 keywords in English.Prior to submission, articles should first be assessed by the author using the Reviewers’ Checklist, also used by the editorial board, to check whether the article meets the basic requirements of the journal.


4. TOJELT follows double-blind peer review policy. All articles submitted are refereed by at least two specialist reviewers.


5. Time for submission to decision is around 60 days. Once an article is accepted, it is published in the closest issue of the journal.


6. It is expected that the submitted article is not currently under consideration for another publication and has not been published before.


7. Articles should be written in accordance with the recent version of APA.


The following web pages can be used to obtain a condensed version of the guidelines:

For APA style:


8. Please download TOJELT Article Template and follow the style guide of the template from following link: Turkish Online Journal of English Language Teaching (DOC)





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