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( Benefits and Issues of Translanguaging Pedagogies on Language Learning: Students’ Perspective* )

Author : Emel Küçükali  Dilara Koçbaş  
Type :
Printing Year : 2021
Number : 2021/3
Page : 55-85



The qualitative study aims to investigate the benefits and issues of TP (Translanguaging pedagogies) in language education from students’ perspectives. Students (N=50) at Turkish State University were selected through purposeful sampling. The students were learners of English (N=27) and Russian (N=10) as a FL (Foreign Language) and learners of Turkish (N=13) as a SL (Second Language). The data were collected from focus group interviews and graphic elicitation tasks, which were analyzed through descriptive statistics (Frequency), and content and visual analysis by using CLAN (Computerized Language ANalysis) Program. The findings revealed that TP were beneficial for the affective, cognitive and social engagement of students. The study also indicates that the intensity of TP may depend on students’ proficiency level and on specific skills and areas being learnt. However, students reported some potential issues of TP, specifically the emergent bilinguals in EFL classes. Pedagogical implications on TP in language classrooms were suggested at the end of the study.

FL learners, SL learners, students’ engagement, translanguaging pedagogies.

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