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The Acquisition of Dative Alternation and Markedness in Second Language Learning
The aim of this study is to investigate English dative alternation in terms of markedness theory. In this regard, the markedness of two possible structures of dative alternation, [NP NP] vs. [NP PP], for- and to- dative verbs, and 12 native-origin and 6 nonnative-origin dative verbs are investigated among 50 university students whose L1 is Turkish and L2 is English. In order to collect data, a grammaticality judgement test and a picture-cued production test were used. The results revealed that [NP PP] structure is unmarked for Turkish learners of English. Furthermore, participants used the preposition to instead of for with for-dative vebs in prepositional dative structures in the production test.

Markedness, Dative alternation, For and To dative verbs.

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